We just shipped a few improvements to how you can assign PRs and request reviews.

The goal was to support all features that were introduced by Github and Gitlab since we last worked on this, which was quite some time ago.

⚠️ We’ll be requesting one additional permission on our Github App in order to make these features possible: read-only access to organization members and teams.


Request reviews from teams

Github allows you to request reviews from individuals and teams. We’ve long supported requesting reviews from users, but now you can also configure Depfu to request from one or multiple of your teams.

In order to do this with the Github API we need the additional read-only permission, but since we’ve been asked about this many times we think the additional permission is worth it. If you don’t care about this feature you can also ignore the permission request and Depfu will continue to work just fine.

Assign multiple users to a PR

You can now assign multiple users to a PR, before this was limited to a single user from our side.


Review requests

Gitlab also recently added the concept of review requests, so you can now also configure Depfu to add reviewers when creating merge requests.

Assign multiple users to a MR

Multiple assignees are also possible on Gitlab, but only for Gitlab Enterprise Edition and Gitlab Premium accounts. So we’ll silently ignore additional users if we’re getting an error and only assign the first one you’ve configured.


We’re always looking for small (and big) things that make your life with Depfu easier, smoother and calmer. So please don’t hold back on any feedback, we’re listening on Twitter and via email.