Docs - Configuration

Docs: Configuration

We try very hard to have sensible defaults for Depfu, so that it works well out of the box. There are a few things you can configure on a per-repo basis, once you login to Depfu.

Out-of-spec updates

By default we don't send you pull requests for gems/packages where you specified a version constraint in your Gemfile/package.json. This assumes you only set constraints when you know you don't want to update. If you specify versions for all your gems/packages, it makes sense to also send you pull requests for new versions of those. Because you wouldn't get very many updates from Depfu otherwise. Read our blog post for more details.

Labels for Depfu pull requests

By default we label all pull requests we send with "depfu". If you want to use something different, you can configure that in the repo settings as well.